1. standard editing

    Starting at $89.99

    Our basic service that covers all the bases. It includes:

    • 1 Revision
    • 3 Days of editor interaction
    • Spelling, grammar, mechanics & punctuation
    • Typographical errors
    • Word choice
    • Formatting

    "My essay is in near-perfect shape but I wonder if it can be better."
    It can be. 

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  2. advanced editing

    Starting at $109.99

    Includes everything in the Standard Package plus additional
    time between you and your editor to focus.

    • 2 Revisions
    • 1 Full week of editor interaction
    • Structure and organization
    • Theme
    • Narrative voice and style
    • Flow and transition
    • Adapting to your audience

    "My essay doesn't represent the best version of me. I think it has substantial room to grow."
    It does. 

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  3. premiere editing

    Starting at $299.99

    Includes everything in the Advanced Editing package
    but with more heavylifting:

    • Skype call to harvest best stories and content
    • We send you transcriptions of your stories, assembled into a basic framework.
    • You answer our remaining questions and we finalize a draft together.

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  4. Interview Preparation & Skill Building

    Starting at $199.99

    Interviews are often the deciding factor between candidates who
    are similar on paper. We equip you with the confidence and tools
    to stand out and rock your interview.

    • 1 hr phone consultation over Skype
    • Initial evaluation of your resume and cover letter
    • Customized interview (designed based on your admissions focus and resume)
    • Follow-up diagnostic that details strengths, weaknesses, and practice questions
    • Helps all types of candidates crystallize 'their story' for the long term

    "I felt like I'd cheated after IvyEyes interview prep, because I'd already heard all the questions that were asked! And I got in a week later."

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  5. Resume & Cover Letter Editing

    Starting at $249.99

    Resumes and cover letters are the gateway or the impasse to an interview. Let us help you create that opportunity!

    • Includes Advanced Service for 1 resume and 1 cover letter.
    • Additional cover letters (tailored to different organizations/industries)
    available for $49.99 each.

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  6. Hourly Admissions Consulting & Strategic Guidance

    $199.99 per hour

    You have admissions questions outside the editing suite. We have answers!

    • Pinpointing where to apply
    • Managing delicate admissions issues (waitlist, deferrals, withdrawals, etc.)
    • Weighing your options and deciding best fit

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  7. 1:1 Personal Development & Business Coaching

    $199.99 per hour

    You've gotten in and you've graduated.
    Now let us help you put your education to best use.

    • Resume/cover letter evaluation and skills assessment
    • Career consultation and guidance
    • Brainstorming on your boldest ideas

    • Business coaching (market assessment, strategic planning and more)

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  8. Content Writing

    Exclusive Collection In Store Only

    Rates vary
    Email us below for a quote.

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